Josper oven

Josper oven

2 Sep 2021

 Preserving these traditions was a priority for the Spanish Per Julie and Josep Armink. After several attempts towards innovation, Per and Josep invented the first ever machine that combines oven and grill together! In 1969 the Josper oven makes its debut in Barcelona. 

Josper is a specialized oven that bakes using charcoal. What makes the combination special, is the unique smoky feeling it leaves on the food while conserving the flavours and aromas of the product at the same time. Both contribute to an enticing result. Its advanced technology not only allows you to control the intensity of combustion, but the fire’s sparks too, as well as the oven’s regulation of oxygen. Its construction is made of steel and cast iron which allow high temperatures, exceeding 500 degrees Celsius. The oven doors aid in achieving fast and quality baking. 

Josper is currently the leading oven worldwide having won many distinctions and awards. It is considered the king in the world of gastronomy that uses charcoal. The Josper oven can cook meat, fish and even vegetables. That's why a Josper oven is the favourite choice of an experienced chef.

It’s very rare to find a Josper oven in Cyprus. Two of these places are the Pralina Experience (Nicosia and Limassol). The Josper oven plays a leading role in Pralina Experience’s kitchens and is holds a separate column onto the menus. Some of the meat dishes cooked in the Josper oven are ‘alternative mousakas’, fillets from authentic farms, vegetables and more.

The Josper oven is undoubtedly a vital asset in the kitchens of Pralina Experience and its use has undoubtedly revolutionized gastronomy in restaurants. Visit us and get to know taste the Josper oven through the fine flavours in our dishes.