The Pralina Confectioneries loyalty scheme offers unique gifts, special offers and discounts! Use the mobile application or membership card and enjoy the sweetest experience.


• Registration is easy and free

• Earn 5% on the total amount of each purchase

• Instant redemption without minimum limits

• Contests and draws with many gifts and prizes

• Exclusive offers and discounts


You can register free, easily and quick, either by downloading the My Sweet experience app available through App Store and Google Play or by completing the membership card application at any Pralina Confectioneries store.



Present the barcode of the My Sweet Experience app from your mobile or membership card before any purchase at checkout. The reward amount you earn from each purchase is credited directly into your e-wallet.

How does Pralina Confectioneries loyalty scheme work?

With every transaction you enjoy:

5% return in your e-wallet on the total amount of each purchase.

Instant redemption without restrictions.

Exclusive offers and discounts.

How can I join the scheme?

With one of the below simple and free ways:
Download the my sweet experience App to your Android or iPhone device or fill in the registration form at any Pralina Confectioneries.

Who can join the scheme?

Anyone who is 18 and above years old.

How to enjoy the benefits of the scheme?

Βy scanning your barcode using your smartphone at the till, or presenting your card. Alternatively you could mention the phone number you entered when registering. Then you will automatically earn 5% cashback on the total amount of the purchases in one till receipt (valid for a minimum purchase amount of €0,51).

How to redeem the earned cashback?

You can instantly redeem any awards by scanning your barcode or by presenting your card. The 5% cashback has no expiration date. Special terms and conditions relating to exclusive offers may apply.

Ιs Internet connection on the smartphone necessary for using the application on the till?

There is no need, just make sure you are already logged in to the app.

Can I be a member with a card and the application at the same time?

Υοu may join the scheme with one of the two options. In case you have a card and want to download the app, please call at 80000600 in order to cancel your card and transfer the earned amount to the new app account.

We would be more than happy to assist you, if for any reason you want to contact us.