Your personal gateway to luxurious indulgence this summer

Your personal gateway to luxurious indulgence this summer

12 Jul 2022

Summer is here... It’s the season of dinners al fresco, the time to catch up with friends over coffee and a sweet indulgence, or cocktails and fine bites after work. Even if you are staying in the city, a visit to Pralina Confectioneries or Pralina Experience in Nicosia and Limassol can be your personal gateway to a summery experience in a unique environment of luxury and style, where fine wining and dining are deliciously refreshing.

To welcome summer 2022, Pralina Experinces' award-winning chef and his team and the pastry chefs of Pralina Confectioneries have captured the cravings that accompany our warm weather in a new menu that is bursting with cool, crisp and creative additions to long-standing favourites.

As you wait for your friends or guests to join you, a glance at the Bar Menu will confirm that Pralina Experience is all about delivering both the art and science of gastronomy. Cocktails include the classic and the innovative, while the wine list is compiled to offer the perfect match for any dish you order. So make sure to ask for recommendations to optimize your taste experience.

Whether you are planning a romantic dinner for two or simply seeking an inviting and luxurious escape, Pralina Experience is your gateway to an extraordinary sensory journey. Start with the Beetroot Carpaccio and you can’t go wrong. The juicy, thinly sliced beetroot, together with crunchy lettuce hearts and rich goat cream cheese result in a fusion of textures that makes each bite complete. And since summer and the sea go hand in hand, many of the new menu items feature fish and seafood. You’ll find the fish of the day in the geometrically arranged layers that define our Peruvian inspired Tiradito, turned summery with elements of passion fruit, mango, spring onion and crunchy pistachio.  For something fine and delicate, choose the eel and sea bass sushi roll wrapped around refreshing cucumber and smooth avocado. Surprise the eye and the palate with our homemade and handmade Cuttlefish Ink Gnocchi on a bed of celeriac-basil puree with a counterpart of sweet lemon foam. Even the conservative palate that will opt for the Dover Sole will enjoy its requisite meuniere sauce highlighted with passion fruit and caramelized peach, making it a classic dish… with a difference.

 Both the dessert menu at Pralina Experience and the display of gems at Pralina Confectioneries will easily convince you that there is always room for a sweet finale after a meal, or a secret pleasure with your midmorning or afternoon coffee. End your meal with a Vanilla Parfait hidden under a chocolate-almond-orange-caramel blanket, or choose the Mini Ice Dreams – a medley of 10 miniature ice creams that have proven to be the perfect to-share option.

The new ones to look out for at Pralina Confectioneries are the eye-catching Napolitaine and the refreshing Lemon Caramel Tart.

For the first one, the Italian reference in the name gives you a clue: red, white and green layers are drawn from red berries, coconut and pistachio in a mosaic of mousse and gelees that simply ask for more. The new Lemon Caramel Tart will make the perfect "fin" to any meal  with its ritch sable biscuit base and the perfet combination of the lemon and caramel cream on top of a rtich layer of almond cream. Other summer temptations include colourful Fruit Tarts and the fluffy MillefeuilleTrifle and Tiramisu.

One thing is clear: Pralina Experience and Pralina Confectioneries are your personal gateway to luxurious indulgence this summer, and will add a distinctive sensory dimension to your happy times of the day, the week and the season. Enjoy!