#PralinaFairytale: Easter tasteful journey to Wonderland

#PralinaFairytale: Easter tasteful journey to Wonderland

23 Apr 2024

As Easter is around the corner, tsourekia and chocolate eggs are becoming more popular, since as a trademark of this season, are the ideal gift for both kids and adults.

Like every year, Pralina Confectioneries presents a wide variety of delicious tsourekia and unique chocolate eggs. This year's collection, is inspired by the magical world of Alice in Wonderland. A magical world, that converts into a ‘chocolate’ world - featuring Alice, rabbit and other whimsical touches.

The entire range of chocolate eggs will impress you both visually and in taste. Handcrafted creations, in various sizes, with special techniques promise a plethora of flavors and emotions.

You'll find options in white or milk chocolate with various fillings such as candies and chocolates – where each resembling a small work of art that will take you to a magical world, just like in fairytales!

The collection is complemented by chocolate figures with bunnies, cake pops, lollipops, cupcakes, and sable cookies, all created around the theme of wonderful world of Alice.

In addition to these, traditional flaounes and traditional tsourekia —plain or filled—are available, as well as our new tsourekia, in four different flavours: pistachio, red velvet, caramel, and patisserie cream with strawberries.

To make your experience even more special, don't hesitate to pair our Easter creations with wines from our confectionery's cellar. For instance, the delightful pistachio tsoureki with the sweet and bubbly Palas Moscato D’Asti, or the tsoureki filled with patisserie cream and strawberries paired with Gilli Malvasia - exciting combinations that will surely impress.

This Easter, with your imagination, love, and creativity discover the most delicious journey. Visit Pralina Confectioneries and with the guidance of our team, find the best gift choice or combine your favorite products to create a unique Pralina Gift Box for your loved ones.