Pralina Experience an avid supporter of the Avantgarde Cultural Foundation

Pralina Experience an avid supporter of the Avantgarde Cultural Foundation

20 Jun 2024

Zorbas Group has always supported the Cypriot society, actively contributing to the promotion of our country’s cultural life

True to Zorbas Group’s enduring values to support society in various ways, Pralina Experience empowers the Avantgarde Cultural Foundation, and through its activities, our country’s culture, creators, and artists.

Sharing a human-centric approach with excellence at its core, the two organisations have collaborated in launching a series of innovative activities starting with ‘The Piano Tour’, as part of World Music Day on 21 June. When it comes to culture, Pralina Experience and Avantgarde Cultural Organisation go hand in hand. With their values in perfect harmony, Pralina Experience supports Avantgarde’s initiatives, actively contributing to the development and promotion of our cultural product and the welfare of society.

Avantgarde events are renowned for their high aesthetic appeal and excellent organisation, as well as the passion and dedication displayed by its people for more than twenty years.  Pralina Experience and Zorbas Group stand for the same values, investing in expertise, high quality, creativity, exceptional service and unique aesthetic appeal. The Foundation’s name, stands as a constant reminder of its innovative, pioneering nature. Likewise, Pralina Experience is the starting point of a special creative culinary journey, filled with original flavours, refined textures and exceptional images.

Zorbas Group CEO, Mr Dimitris Zorbas praised Avantgarde’s work and its substantial contribution to the country’s cultural scene, adding that “Zorbas Group is our values, our actions – we are our people, our evolution. These attributes are an integral part of our culture. We therefore chose to support the Avantgarde Foundation since, through its work, we empower our society. World Music Day comes to remind us of the importance of culture and creativity, and how music accompanies every aspect of our lives. At the same time, it affords us the opportunity to enjoy high-quality work and cultural events by renowned artists”.

On his part, the Chairman of the Avantgarde Foundation, Stavros Kyriakides, thanked Zorbas Group and Pralina Experience, adding that “by supporting the Avantgarde Cultural Foundation, Zorbas Group and Pralina Experience support culture, artists, and society as a whole in a substantive way. We are delighted that the collaboration between the two organisations commences with ‘The Piano Tour’, one of our most innovative initiatives – which is set to be announced on European Music Day on 21 June. Given that every detail counts, we believe it’s extremely important to have the support of Pralina Experience with which we share our dedication to promoting excellence”.

Mr Kyriakides made a special mention of the Great Pianists of the 21st century concert series, which will feature the world’s leading young pianists and the Pancyprian Avantgarde Competition for Young Pianists for children and teenagers under 17. The winner of the competition will represent Cyprus at the Steinway International Festival in Germany.

About the Avantgarde Cultural Foundation

The Avantgarde Cultural Foundation is one of the most distinguished cultural institutions in Cyprus, with a strong, vibrant presence in the country’s cultural events. It operates under the auspices of one of the leading artists of the 20th century, the pianist-conductor, Vladimir Ashkenazy, with the aim of strengthening and improving the country’s cultural scene and promoting cultural values. The Foundation organises major events, large-scale interactive installations, competitions, and other activities, that are open to everyone, aiming to support Cypriot artists and performers and to nourish new audiences.

In addition to its cultural work, Avantgarde works on having a strong social and charitable role, while always supporting the healthcare sector and increasing awareness about the environment through its various actions.