Father's Day

Father's Day

13 Jun 2022

When was the last time you celebrated #FathersDay ? To help you show your own father, or the father of your children, your love and appreciation, Pralina Experience invites you to share a multi-sensory, sophisticated experience at our venues in either Nicosia or Limassol.

Pralina Experience propose

Fatherly care has many facets: Some fathers are very practical in their everyday support and show their love more openly than others. But many are more reserved, acting mainly behind the scenes. However, all have a deep-rooted, natural sense of responsibility that manifests itself in different ways towards sons and daughters, and at the different stages and junctions of your life – sometimes with intensity, other times more gently.

Our suggestion for your coming #FathersDay celebration reflects precisely this diversity of fatherly temperament: your choice of superior whisky (or whiskey) brands, each with its own defining qualities, is balanced with an assortment of fine accompaniments.

Our sommelier will guide you through our menu of over 25 labels that include both #SingleMalt and #BlendedSpirits from around the world. Compare and choose your favourite brand from Ireland, Scotland, Japan or Canada, and look forward to an optimized drinking experience, as each whisky is served in the appropriately shaped glass. Whether it comes in a #tumbler on ice, or in a #Glencairn glass or #snifter that will allow you to swirl and collect the characteristic aroma, your chosen drink will demonstrate that Pralina Experience understands the difference is in the detail.

The #CheesePlatter that arrives alongside your order mirrors the variety of life’s experiences. The aged #FrenchComté combines intensity with maturity. The smooth-melting #SwissGruyère comes in two variations, as its nutty, sweet-salty creamy texture captures the flavour of fine truffles in one case and oregano in the other case. The #FrenchReblochon marries its softness with alpine purity, and a warm chèvre rounds off the cheese palette. Fig and berry marmalades with bruschetta, fresh and dried fruits and nuts complete the harmony of flavours.

Always the right time…

This year, #FathersDay on the 19th of June falls on a Sunday. So, whether you see your father every day or call him once a week, don’t miss this opportunity to acknowledge his role in your life.

Of course, taking your father out for a treat on the actual day would be ideal, and Pralina Experience welcomes you for your special whisky and cheese platter tasting at any time of the afternoon or evening. However, most fathers aren’t fussy and would love to share such special moments with you any day of the month. So, choose the day, set the time, book your table and rest assured that this will certainly be a memorable and much appreciated gesture that will make your whole-hearted hug even warmer.