Christmas Cake

Christmas Cake

8 Dec 2021

This year, December hums with festivity and the air is fragrant with culinary creation. It is, after all, the most wonderful time of the year! 

Our pastry team derived inspiration from the classic and modest Christmas ornament. The bauble shape, the palette of happy colors, the reminder to shelter the all-important gifts of life: love, gratitude, happiness and compassion. Yes, we are offering this Christmas jewel to enjoy and share with your loved ones! 

No festive feast is complete without a succulent, hand-finished fruit cake. The story of the Christmas cake begins in medieval England, where it was a tradition to observe a period of abstinence from every kind of indulgence in the weeks leading to the joyous month. Over the years, the simple plum porridge evolved into a cake with brandy-soaked vine fruits, almonds and exotic spices – the latter was an addition to signify the three Wise Men. 

At Pralina Confectioneries, our Christmas Cakes this year adopt the shape of the bauble and are laden with dried nuts and fruit such as bergamot and orange. Cognac, nutmeg and cloves complement and at the same time elevate the traditional recipe to our culinary standards. For the coating, we used homemade almond paste made from natural dyes. And finally, we topped and adorned with handcrafted decorations made with chocolate and edible ornaments. 

Aside from our signature Christmas Cake, you will also find a series of chocolate–based creations, festive brownies, ginger cookies and other festive desserts for holiday gifting and sharing. Place your dessert choice in our gift box and pair with a bottle of wine. 

Enjoy a Christmas jewel from Pralina Confectioneries and let us unwind you with the sweet magic of this holiday season! 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

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