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At Pralina Confectioneries, sweet treats and other delights are an essential part of the customs and traditions that accompany our Easter celebrations every year. Weeks before the actual day, our pastry chefs start sourcing high-quality, pure ingredients and raw materials that will be transformed into a whole range of chocolate eggs as well as more elaborate sweet temptations. The team’s mission is clear: to offer you a wonderful balance of Easter magic and taste perfection in every bite.

This year, and as in the past, we’ve put our culinary pride and passion into those timeless recipes that we all love, to enrich them with a creative dimension, so you can enjoy delicious as well as visually stunning variations with your family and friends. This year our Easter theme was inspired by nature, and in particular the common yet fascinating bees, who triggered our chefs’ imagination as they visualized sweet masterpieces of confectionery architecture. After all, it is no coincidence that the logo of Pralina Confectioneries – the diamond – is quite similar to the honeycomb; both are unique natural wonders!

Our Easter eggs in various sizes are sure to impress, both visually and in terms of their exquisite taste, whether you prefer the white, milk or dark chocolate variation. Both the geometrical shapes and colour palette of white, gold, black and yellow were borrowed from the industrious bees and the hexagonal cells of their honeycomb.  

In our dessert displays you’ll also find an abundance of chocolate delights to share on your Easter table or to take as gifts that will never disappoint. Some of our winning creations have a small surprise hidden within them for an additional delicious experience. So, if you’re looking for a special Easter gift for those who are close to your heart, you’re sure to find it at Pralina Confectioneries.

Our Easter themed cake pops, cupcakes and cookies are equally impressive alongside our fine versions of the beloved traditional mint-punctuated flaouna and sweet-smelling plain or filled tsoureki (brioche).

For a gift with a touch of exclusivity, our team would be happy to recommend a personalized Easter Gift Box with a combination of desserts and wine from our Pralina Confectioneries wine cellar. Available in different sizes, these luxurious customized combos are the ultimate Easter gift and can include your preferred choice of tsoureki, flaouna, wine, Pralina chocolate confections and biscuits, and anything else from our display.

For the most discerning palates a fine balance of sweet treats and wine will never fail to impress and delight. A particularly highly recommended pair would be, for example, the fine aromatic Alpha Estate Ecosystem Chardonnay to accompany our delicious apple pie or crème brûlée. Another exquisite option would be the French red Château Rouget with its deep aromas of gooseberry, plum and dark chocolate, which complement our Duke and Namelaka chocolate cakes, as well as our popular Pralinakia truffles.

So, make this Easter memorable by letting the heart-warming collective magic of nature, bees and Pralina Confectioneries into your family, on your table and into your heart. #EverlastingFinesse


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