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The Race for Beaujolais Nouveau

As its name suggests, Beaujolais Nouveau, is a "young" wine from the homonymous village in the south of France and it is categorized as "vin de primeur". It is famous for the "races" of merchants and consumers to secure a few bottles of this precious wine as it is available for sale in limited quantities in November, when the grape harvest period ends.

The bright red wine is a product of protected origin as its name can only be used by wines made from the Gamay grape variety, growing in the village of Beaujolais and must be harvested by hand. Its method of production is also unique as, unlike most wines, the entire grape uncrushed is sealed in barrels in an airtight environment without oxygen for quick fermentation.

Celebrations of November's third Thursday 

Traditionally, producers of the region celebrated the end of the grape harvest period by drinking Beaujolais because it was the first wine to mature. Over the years though, the fact of the limited availability of Beaujolais Nouveau and the occasion itself was established as an official event and in 1985, the regional government of Beaujolais decided that the big day, would always be a Thursday. Ever since, it has been celebrated worldwide on every 3rd Thursday of November.

This year's Beaujolais Nouveau Day comes on November 18th, and the sale of the wine is prohibited before the predetermined date each year. So, securing stock for merchants and restaurateurs is important and they make sure to place their orders early on.

How to best enjoy a Beaujolais Nouveau

Beaujolais nouveau is bottled fresh and therefore is a simple wine with a low alcohol content and soft taste. It is characterized by a vibrant red color that has intense fruity flavors and is best served chilled. That is why it finely pairs with winter desserts with flavors of caramel, coffee, and spices. At Pralina Confectioneries, as one would expect from any good French patisserie, the cellar also hosts wines that can accompany every sweet moment and Beaujolais crus – Fleurie is one of them. You can easily pair it with your favorite Carrot Cake or a Tiramisu, while the salted caramel and coffee macarons are the absolute French choice.

If you want to try additional vin de primeur options, visit any Pralina Experience today and via the guidance of our sommelier, discover the ideal combination for your lunch or dinner.